- Mobile & practical

- Designed to be discrete

- Self sufficient

- Dampen the surface without excessive wetting

- Atomizes solution for airborne treatment

- Adjustable spray patterns

- Minimum maintenance required


• Lightweight yet robust hospital grade trolley

• Lockable doors

• Adjustable height trolley handle

• Ultrasonic Atomizer fitted within the unit

• Easy to use control panel

• Two chemical cylinders can be fitted inside the chemical storage area

• 7-9 litre 300 bar air cylinder can be used

• Separate compartments for all sanitation equipment

• Integrated waste bin

• Locking wheels


The Ultrasonic Atomizer Infection Control Unit replaces the requirement of other cleaning and infection equipment due to its efficient controllable delivery system.


- Spray cleaner dispenser

- Treatment coating (SST) of self-sanitizing products

- Fine mist disinfection of airborne viruses

- Heavy spray for viscous solutions biofilms and contaminates

- PPE cleaner

The Ultrasonic Atomizer Infection Control Unit can be used on all surfaces such as glass, wood concrete and fabrics.