- Chemical, Biological, and Radiological vehicles and equipment decontamination

- Quick plug and use

- Can be deployed in extreme climatic conditions

- Sprays DF200 as foam or liquid using 1 or 2 lances

- Water can be filled from fire hydrant, tank trailer, or flexible container

- Fits on the back of a pickup truck


-       Frame

-       Mixing system

-       Mixing system water pump

-       Foam generator

-       Liquid generator

-       Vehicles decontamination control panel

-       Road decontamination control panel

-       Decontamination unit housing

-       Decontamination spray bar

-       Air/water sprayer

Total weight: 1,290 lbs / 585 kg


 -    Liquid spray

 -    Foam spray



The CAF decontamination module was designed to spray DF200 as liquid or foam.

DF200 quantity: 17 oz/sq ft or 0.5 L/m²

Tank: 2X250 L

Flow rate: 1.06 gal or 4 L per minute

When the CAF decontamination module is filled with 132 gal or 500 L of DF200:

Surface covered: 10,764 sq ft or 1,000 m² or 10 armored vehicles

Spraying autonomy: >2 hours