- Portable & ergonomic

- Ruggedized for harsh environments

- Self sufficient

- Dampen the surface without excessive wetting

- Atomizes solution for airborne treatment

- Adjustable spray patterns

- Minimum maintenance required



The Back Pack Atomizer is a self-contained system that can deliver either a mist or coating of atomized spray to a surface or area requiring decontamination or infection control.



The Back Pack Atomizer has been developed to be used for CBRN decontamination, infection control and mold abatement for professionals.

This unique system can deliver medical grade chemicals and increase their efficacy, and in most cases the chemicals can be stored within the unit for a great length of time.



The Ultrasonic Atomizer Back Pack model incorporates 2 cylinders; one containing 3 liters of air and the other containing 2 liters of DF200 or DF500.

It is controlled by 2 regulating valves and gauges, which can alter the pressure to either the treatment cylinder or to the delivery gun. The pressure from the air cylinder is controlled through a compressed air regulator which can regulate down from a 300 bar cylinder.

The working pressure of the unit is 5 bars and the pressure to the gun is 1-2bar. The Back Pack gun is operated by a pneumatic trigger for one finger operation which, when not in use can be clipped to the harness for storage.

The fittings on the chemical cylinder are fitted with non-return valves and quick release couplings and the cylinders are secured with in the Back Pack in a stainless steel and Velcro strapped harness.

The Back Pack Atomizer is fully adjustable to fit all sizes with shoulder and waist straps and the back of the harness is supplied with a gel pack for added user comfort.