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Frequently Asked Questions About Decon ProGreen


What does Decon ProGreen LLC do?

Answer: Decon ProGreen is an Indoor Air Quality Management Specialist. Our products and procedures eliminate toxic molds, viruses and bacteria from your environment. We service homes, schools, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, public facilities, crime scenes, structures with smoke damage and more.


How does it work?

Answer: Our products "neutralize" contaminants by penetrating the structures of molds, bacteria and viruses, depleting them of necessary hydrogen and oxygen needed to sustain life. This product was originally developed under license by the Federal Government as a counter measure for chemical and biological warfare agents.


Is it safe?

Answer: EPA registered and exhaustively tested, all the solutions we use are non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally safe and "Green". They are 100% non-harmful to humans, pets and plants.


Is your service guaranteed?

Answer: We offer up to 5-year limited warranties on existing structures and 10-year limited warranties on new construction.


For how many hours must I vacate?

Answer: In less than 12 hours after completing our service, the treated areas are safe for reoccupation.


How effective are your services?

Answer: Even when used on chemical and biological contaminants like anthrax and VX gas, the process Decon ProGreen uses has one of the highest kill rates of 7-log or greater. This means that within 15 minutes, 99.9999% of contaminants, including trace spores, are completely eliminated.


How does this save me money?

Answer: Decon ProGreen saves you money by using proprietary protocols and biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic formulas to eliminate a broad-spectrum of allergens, molds, bacteria, and even pesticide-resistant bugs with exoskeletons. The long-term savings are exponential, because problems are eliminated more quickly, effectively and completely than with any other solution. This means that besides saving money on clean-up and turnaround times, you will also be eliminating the need for future remediation due to something like a few spores being missed by less-effective cleaning processes.