• Residential


    DECON PROGREEN™ offers a solution to homeowners having problems with environmental hazards that can be dangerous to the health of their family members. The DECON PROGREEN™ solution is Eco-friendly and non-toxic. EPA registered, the solution will eliminate the contaminants in the home, leaving a safe environment for family and pets. Read More
  • Commercial


    The team at DECON PROGREEN™ can help with all types of commercial environmental problems that might have seemed impossible to overcome or remedy at all. Using an EPA registered and environmentally benign treatment, many different types of chemical and biological contaminations can be treated with a quick, cost-effective process. Traditional companies cause further spread and more damage by not eliminating the mold immediately. At DECON PROGREEN™, we neutralize immediately, making the environment safe for employees and workers. Read More
  • Healthcare


    Healthcare facilities around the world are experiencing devastating problems with viruses, bacteria and mold, causing many unnecessary deaths and illnesses. DECON PROGREEN™ uses a patented, revolutionary product along with unique application techniques that make our decontamination process the most time efficient and cost effective solution for microbial and contaminants. Read More
  • Hotels, Resorts and Cruises

    Hotels, Resorts and Cruises

    Decon ProGreen™ is the nation's leading provider of environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, non-toxic decontamination services. Lodgings treated with the "Breathe Better, Live Better™" service are a new top amenity for travelers and vacationers who suffer from allergies and asthma symptoms. Warrantied for up to three-years, the high-tech procedure neutralizes and kills all allergenic and asthmatic irritants like dust, pollen, odors, bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, chemicals and biohazards. Read More
  • Public Facilities

    Public Facilities

    DECON PROGREEN™ has a solution for the decontamination of all types of public facilities, whether there are existing problems or concerns as well as for preventative and ongoing maintenance. EPA registered, our patented products and unique application techniques make our decontamination process the most time efficient and cost effective solution available today. Read More
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About Us

Decon ProGreen's biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and cost-effective formula patented by Sandia National Laboratories obliterates airborne and surface contaminants on contact. Locally-based, certified applicators perform the eco-friendly proprietary protocols to eliminate allergen, odors, smoke damage, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, drug-resistant pathogens like viruses and bacteria, pesticide resistant insects like bedbugs and termites, as well as molds, fungi and their hidden spores. Decon ProGreen™ offers unique proprietary services designed specifically to improve indoor air quality and for chemical-biological prevention, decontamination and recovery.

Decon ProGreen's services are eco-friendly, broad-spectrum solutions that leave your residential or commercial environment free from mold and hidden fungal spores, allergens and asthmatic irritants, chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOC), and smoke damage,drug-resistant pathogens like bacteria and viruses,biohazards and bed-bugs as well as other organisms and chemicals. There are no harmful or toxic residues left after the one-step application that creates a long-lasting antimicrobial protection barrier.


  • Deidre H. Los Angeles, CA
  • Taylor G
  • T.M. Maplewood, NJ
  • YUT S. Los Angeles, CA
  • Lisa W

We had to remove mold under 4 sinks to make our apt. healthier for my husband  who has a compromised immune system after a bone marrow transplant in January 2013. We chose DeConProGreen because the patented "green" formula is safe for animals and children, does not stink up the house with dangerous chemicals, and is effective against all mold types. Because the application time was twice as fast as the nearest competitor, their price was half the cost, and their two-year guarantee was twice as long (2 years instead of 1). Due to our strict medical needs, the formula had to be applied twice, and we also had to have the AC ducts cleaned and encapsulated to prevent. the HVAC unit from kicking mold detritus and dirty air from a filthy fan into our clean environment. 

The DeCon people were very professional, courteous and helpful. We are very happy with the results, and the build-back was beautiful! DeCon removed and replaced the cabinet walls and floor and 3 feet of plaster wall behind each sink , and sealed the new cabinetry with Acrylac to prevent the new particle board from off-gassing formaldehyde. Now the sinks look absolutely new, we have a safe and clean environment, and my husband remains healthy, though his white blood cell count is still quite low. And with new paint and carpeting, we also have a"new" 22-year-old apt.!


My finance and I found Decon Pro Green on the internet after having water damage inside our home. We had researched every mold company within 50 miles for a week and a half and compared prices and cleanup detailing. Decon Pro Green is the only company that uses the best products that are safe for animals and children, does the most detailed job, and has the most reasonable price. The technicians were very friendly and respectful to our home as well as us and we had a bid and a set time for them to come out in a matter of days, no charge! We personally got to speak with David and Harry the most and they were cautious of our health and the well being of our home from the minute we called them to present. A pre-inspection was performed, then we were walked through the process of the remediation and a few days later once it was completely finished we got another walk through. The house was the most clean we had EVER seen it! I experienced mold exposure as a child which led to many health issues and a period of near death moments so I am severely allergic and when they finished the remediation process at our home I can honestly say I have never felt the air in our home feel so clean. It is so reassuring to know that your family and pets are well taken care of after being exposed to such toxic materials. A few days after the process we got a follow up call to see how everything was and again a few weeks later. This company and these people are definitely the most professional and respectful. They are worth every penny and since using them for mold removal we are using them again for another issue and will continue to recommend them and have them on our speed dial for any future issues!


A Toxic Mold Survivor


They did what they said they would!

I found mold in my place in California a while back and a friend of mine referred me to Decon.  Needless to say I passed my post inspection with flying colors and a smile!

They were professional, courteous, and, best of all, timely.  Truth be told, it was a real pleasure working with them as compared to the other inspection companies and contractors I've dealt with in the past.

So happy to have this issue resolved so easily and efficiently!  Highly recommended! :-)

 I am very happy with my experience with Decon ProGreen. Every interaction I had was pleasant. These guys are nice, professional, efficient, did a superb job with the storage spaces in my hillside home, and started straight away and finished the job quickly!  

I thought going green was going to be more expensive but they actually gave me a cheaper price than other companies I contacted.
I highly recommend Decon ProGreen. No drama, no stress, just ease from beginning to end. It was a breeze. Superb customer service and satisfaction!

When I learned that we had a severe mold problem in the walls of our downstairs bathroom due to a toilet leak from our bathroom upstairs, I searched for a company that used non-toxic chemicals to manage the mold problem. When I called Decon ProGreen they provided a reasonably priced bid and completed the job very quick and efficiently. The person who did the work was incredibly nice and professional and explained in detail how the process would work to educate me about mold and their removal process. I would highly recommend Decon ProGreen to anyone who needs to remove mold from their home or business.
Lisa W